Share copyrights if you become collaborator able as #google-speaking user.

To whom it may concern

At WUW The Webcash Universocial Web we keep a challenge with W3C, Google-Alphabet and US Administration which target is the launch of an economic upgrade towards the money data-valuation practice offered for free public use, providing algorithmical qualification and enabling person by person under identity registry at WUW's General Ledger.

Our succes is at the moment, on #googledepending hands, refering the needs in protocoles to insure W3C standards, Google's Perennial Technology Service and US Admnistration regulations.

Our subsidiary creation T.O.M. The Time Owned Market is predictable and its foundation, organization and ownership are not yet sufficiently developed to complement and fulfill the objective of treating time as a transferable commodity. The algorithmical part may be publicly informed and singularly for you.

At TOM you might want to defend this opportunity. Is available.

Now if you want to join the authoring team, we'll be happy to share efforts and copyright with you.

I respectfully send you greetings.

@filipe27 since March 2007

WUW The Webcash Universocial Web is a Spanish legal support X-3770408-H used by Filipe Alves Ferreira 27th May 1942 at Lourosa-Portugal, Author of the money data-valuation practice to upgrade into 4G3W Economy.

As owner of 100% of copyrights of the money datevaluation practice, he/us are offering 1/5 part or 20% on free sharing into WUWteam4G3W agreed members, against collaboration able to facilate the launch framed with W3Consortium, Google Alphabet and US Admnistration agreement.

If you trust write to :

Adding data-valuation practice each of us would be able to insert time into the money to get capital gains riskfree : because #data-valuation is a cash anchored @investment's metaverse.