The Time Owned Market


What is T.O.M. ?

The Time Owned Market is the predictable market for digital savings exchanges and the local where are applied the cash results slices of the "TotUnixTimeCashCake" produced at the Universocial Sovereign  Anchor.

T.O.M.'s webcashmatic results has to be applied every day at 12:00 New York local time, under TIGTA' inspectors in conditions agreed with US Treasury (#webtaxmatic protocol in @draft form].

PSH-Personal Savings Helper app run's at your Do-G-Phone

It's able to make you create your own digital savings, 10,-US$/each Owndated Webquantum

Digital Savings are 1 or more Owndated Webquantum

Owndated Webquantums are digital objects you create each time you shift asset of US$ 10,- to go into digital savings asset.

Raw inducted data (source data or atomic data) during personalised creation of UUS$$ (proposed universocial digital US dollar) for treatement on money processing into digital savings with it registered property asset by amalgamated fusion of time and action of money allocation at cash production.

Issuance of certificates for legitimate users :

Certifications for utilities of "Whom it may concern" WUW's stamped, like rights titularities , webcashmatic incomes, webtaxmatic liquidations to US Treasury, endorsements for market accreditations and rights in sucessions (example : The National Vital Statistics System - NVSS) as records on WUW's General Ledger. These documents may required and authenticated at the Office for Certifications of the Conservator of WUW's Ledger Registry are available here at T.O.M..

Timestamped Certifications extracted from WUW's General Ledger

Accomplishment of #webtaxmatic mode

Titularity of a WUW's Ledger position

Treatment of rights transmission in reason of "mortis causa" 

Webcashaccount in Economy 4G3W by FilipeAlvesFerreira 121121
Webcashaccount in Economy 4G3W by FilipeAlvesFerreira 121121