The Time Owned Market

PSH-Personal Savings Helper app run's at your Do-G-Phone

It's able to make you create your own digital savings, 10,-US$/each Owndated Webquantum

Digital Savings are 1 or more Owndated Webquantum

Owndated Webquantums are digital objects you create each time you shift asset of US$ 10,- to go into digital savings asset.

Issuance of certificates for legitimate users :

Certifications for utilities of "Whom it may concern" WUW's stamped, like webcashmatic incomes, webtaxmatic liquidations to US Treasury, endorsements for market accreditations and rights in sucessions (example : The National Vital Statistics System -NVSS) as records on WUW's General Ledger.

certifications extracted from WUW's general ledger

Accomplishment of #webtaxmatic mode

Titularity of a WUW's Ledger position

Treatment of rights transmission in reason of "mortis causa"

Webcashaccount in Economy 4G3W by FilipeAlvesFerreira 121121